Small Nice Animal

A cute female was filmed while she was cleaning herself. The Image was uploaded on the internet and it has become very popular. The animal’s owner is happy that people like her hedgehog, but she is also worried. She is worried that people will soon want to have hedgehogs like hers as their pets. Hedgehogs are not like hamsters or guinea pigs. Hedgehogs need more care and not everyone can give it to them.

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Monkey likes goats in China.

In a southern part of China, a herd of goats found an unlikely friend. The proprietor of a goat farm filmed a baby monkey riding on the backs of goats for several days. The proprietor said that the monkey weights around three kilograms. He also said that the monkey probably felt safe with the goats. People who help animals plan to send the monkey to the nearest zoo. They sure that the animal will be released into the wild later.

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